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Roberts_Andrew resume

I used the Strangelove typeface for the word-mark and headers. (Strangelove Narrow for the first name; Strangelove Wide for the rest.) I identify with this typeface. It’s tall, skinny, and quirky. Like me. It also resembles my own handwriting.

The body sections of the resume are in Futura typeface. I thought this was a good typeface for me, because while Strangelove conveys my quirkier side, Futura conveys my more professional side. Also, Futura is similar to Strangelove in some ways. It is sans serif, and it, too, has a sort of handwritten feeling (especially the lowercase a).

The overall layout of the resume is pretty simple and stripped down, much like my writing style. It was important to me to carry this approach into the resume design, seeing as how I will be applying for writing jobs.

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  1. Ievgeniia Viatchaninova

    I believe you did a good job choosing the typefaces as reflection of both your writer`s credentials and temper. Very straight-forward, masculine and yet creative!

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