Andrew Roberts Logo Project

On my resume, I chose the Strangelove typeface because it was simple, elegant, and yet whimsical, unexpected.

I carried that typeface, and the sentiment behind it, into this project as well.

The logo reflects my personality. Traditional, professional, but also quirky. It also reflects my writing style too: stripped-down and easy to understand, but often exploring unexpected, sometimes humorous content.

6 thoughts on “Andrew Roberts Logo Project

  1. Ievgeniia Viatchaninova

    I love the idea of putting various elements on each piece of your stationery set! A great sense of humor, so badly needed for a successful writer 🙂

  2. Michele Maciejewski

    This is the typeface from True Blood’s opening credits. I was just watching that an hour ago thinking how cool it is! Superb juxtaposition of class and environmental thinking. Your design is eccentric in the way writers should be. This is eye catching.

  3. LaShunda Campbell

    now this is one cool design! I love how you split the top and bottom of the pants on your business cards

  4. Grace Johnson

    Your logo is awesome on your business card! I love the reverse sides with the entire suit. The typeface looks great as well–nice job!

  5. Ryan Shanley

    ok so when I dirst saw you working on this, I wans’t sure where it was headed…

    The idea of the shirt and pants on different sides of your business card is not only well done, but hilarious. If I were a client, I would always remember your card because it made me laugh! My only “qualm” with the over all concept is that there is not picture on the front of your envelope and I wish there was a piece of the theme there….maybe a tie the address could left justify up against? Again, I put qualm in quotes because that isn’t wrong, just my thought.

    I think the overall concept is great!

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