Andrew Roberts Poster

The businessman I used for the poster is very similar to the businessman I used for my logo project. In fact they might be second cousins.

The tie and suit suggest professionalism, which works for this poster because what I’m advertising here is a certification program. The person I’m advertising to is presumably interested in gaining a level of expertise–a credential under their belt. The business suit conveys this.
On the other hand, the people interested in environmental issues are often people who tend to be a little more on the free-spirited side–so I couldn’t go too overboard with the upstanding businessman appearance. I’m attracting a liberal audience here. That’s where the quirky design comes in: the legs extending down to an unconventional, handdrawn typeface; the tree growing out of the head.

The tag line, “knowledge to grow on,” as you can see, is a play on words. The tree growing out of the businessman’s head connotes knowledge about trees–more specifically, tree-keeping. I made the tree a peach tree, because people in Georgia will identify with the Georgia Peach. I gave the businessman a trowel in one hand and a certificate in the other to convey to the viewer that he will gain skills, and he will get a certification.

I used the typeface Minister Std. because it looked like a more legible offshoot of my own handdrawn typeface (especially the capital R).
The background is a pale blue because it looks clean, and complements the natural, organic look of the poster. I wanted there to be a lot of empty space around the peach tree especially in order to convey a clear blue sky.