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I redesigned the website for the Seattle Buddhist Center because I thought that the original version of their site looked pretty hokey.

My first step was figuring out my color scheme, which ended up being predominantly orange and white, with varying shades of gray. I had two reasons for the orange. First, and most importantly: orange is the color of their logo. I used that exact shade of orange for the stripe at the top of the page and for the links at the left side to achieve continuity. Second of all (and this is probably the reason behind the organization’s choice for the logo in the first place), orange is used a lot in Buddhism–especially Tibetan Buddhism. The monks’ robes are orange, along with much of the decoration that lines Buddhist temples.

6 thoughts on “Interface Design Roberts

  1. Brian Brister

    I absolutely love this design. I caught glimpses of it as you were working on it, but the finished product rocks. First, I LOVE the photo on the homepage. So commanding, and I think it really draws the viewer into the page. Their logo is great, so I love that you played off of that really well. I like the side bar navigation. I think most people (including myself) typically expect the navigation to be across the top, so I like that you changed that up a bit, yet still made it obvious enough that people wouldn’t be confused about where it was located. I know I’ve mentioned the photo on the homepage, but overall, I think your photo choices for every page were great. Great job!

  2. Chen Chen

    The orange color really caught my attention and it reflects it is a website about Buddhist. I love how you keep the primary pages consistent with one picture on the right side and texts on the left. The pictures you choose are marvelous!

  3. Zoe Mintz

    I really like how simple and clean your design is while being warm and vibrant at the same time. You really get that zen feel from both the orange and the images. Great job!

  4. John Magee

    I too love the orange, and agree with Brian that you played off the nonprofit’s logo very nicely. I also like the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page– it’s very clean and attractive. The pictures play so well with that shade of orange.

  5. Michele Maciejewski

    Great job making a simple website for a simple organization. You considered elements of the Buddhist culture when designing this and it worked. Best of all you cheery, orange site gets the info. Across quickly and easily.

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