Lupton “Letter” | Julia Ingersoll

I’m a history buff. I blame my mother (4th grade teacher extraordinaire). When people start rambling on about how Syracuse is dumb, cold and boring I whip out the fast facts about the Erie Canal, salt mining, NYS Agriculture…riveting stuff. Anyways, the reason I love it so much is because it helps us make sense of where we are today. We are all on this big search of “who we are,” what “makes you, you” and we often resort to our history.

Therefore, understanding the history of typography is only appropriate as we begin our studies. It reminds us that type isn’t just tweets and status updates. We know that each word carries meaning, but do we know that each word carries history? Even more so, do we know that each font, letter, and format carries history?

Now it may not be time efficient to wonder all of these things as we are trying to compose our 140 character tweet. But, I’m grateful for the reading and the time I was given to contemplate the formation of the language I take for granted (I’m also grateful for the boat load of new facts to use on trivia night). Typography was just a list of words in a drop down bar in Microsoft but now it’s a mega hub of biographies and history.

Also, check out this fun infographic: “A History of Western Typefaces”