Resume Project – Geoff Campbell

So here’s my resume. I’ve done some work in social media communication for my college’s communication office, admissions office, and student newspaper. I’m hoping to continue that type of work after this program. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Design Strategy

I designed this resume with the intent to provide a simple, very readable experience that would lead the prospective employer to see the experience and related skills first while allowing the details to be legible but not stand out too much. From bolding ‘Geoff’ while keeping ‘Campbell’ light, I highlighted the most important information. I used the simple professional Fairfield typeface with different fonts in order to hierarchically organize my experience.

I experimented by using Frutiger, Grotesque Mt Std, and Meridien LT Std. I found Frutiger and Grotesque Mt Std to be not professional enough wile Meridien seems a little too stuffy. I decided on Fairfield LT Std because it was the perfect balance of being classic/serious without being too old-fashioned.

Style Sheet
Everything in Fairfield LT Std
Contact info: 45 light, 11pt, 13,2 leading
Headings: 55 meduim 20 pt, 24pt leading
Position/skill subheading: 75 bold 12 pt, 14.4 pt leading
Dates and locations: 45 light 12 pt, 14.4 pt leading
Employer and College: 55 medium 10pt, 14.4 pt leading
Body: 45 light 10pt, 14.4pt leading

Top: 5          Bottom: 5p9
Inside 4p3  Outside 4p3


Kerning after characters: G, E: -40 O:-60 F:0 F: (0) C:-60 A: -40 M: -60 P:-60 B: -40 E: -60 L: -20 L: (Metrics)

Geoff: 75Bold 48pt, 57.6pt leading

Campbell: 45 light 46pt, 55.2pt leading

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  1. Megan Blaich

    Geoff I really enjoyed your resume. It is simple but has a lot of content that shows your experience and personality. The layout is easy to read and I really like the experience on the left and education on the right. I actually chose a similar layout. Good work!

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