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When I was searching the internet for current design trends and events, I came across a short editorial entitled “The colors, the city, the speed: A love letter to the Olympic Games” by Tim Ball who is an art director for sports and news projects at The Washington Post. Ball writes about all of the art and design that the Olympics bring to the world of communications. Not only are the games exciting on an athletic level, they also present incredible opportunities for photographers and designers alike.

Ball also mentions the illustrations used for the Vancouver winter Olympics and how they used cooler blue and grey tones to reflect the mood of the games. This made me think about how we are  learning that design is meant to communicate ideas, so I collected a few illustrations from the upcoming Olympics and Olympics of the past to see how they compare in mood and attitude according to their settings and times.

When you look at them think of line, color, hierarchy, semiotics and other principles we’ve learn so far.


You should also check out the website for the London Olympics to see how they carry over elements of their design into their web elements: http://www.london2012.com/

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  1. Cookie

    Nice post and thanks for taking the time to post the examples of Olympic design over the years. Curious what you and the others think of the London graphics. LOTS of controversy – as you might imagine!

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