Project#4 iPad Magazine Design – Perdue

QuickPlay Magazine


Rationale for Project #4: iPad Magazine Design


Design Strategy:

For this project I designed a gaming magazine for people around my age. I created a layout that was a bit more modern and simple than most of the gaming magazines I typically see which feature lots of graphics and images that often clutter the pages. This magazine is for the modern gamer who wants a bit more to their magazines then just game information. You don’t have to b a hardcore gamer to enjoy this magazine. You just have to love videogames.


Cover Page & Intro Page – no margins; 3rd Page: V right 55px, left 48px, top 317px, bottom 94px; H right 55, left 48px, top 292px, bottom 48px; 4th Page: V right 55px, left 48px, top 227px, bottom 59px; H right 55px, left 48px, top 160px, bottom 218px

Style Sheet:

Namplate: Eurostile LT Std Bold Extend 2; Vertical: 91/109.2pt; no leading, no kerning, Horizontal: 100/120pt; no leading or kerning

CoverLines: V & H; BlairMdITC TT; 36/43.2; no leading, no kerning

Display Head & Roman Numeral: Kefa Regular; 36/43.2pt and 72/86.4; BlairMdITC TT 150/180; no leading or kerning;

Byline & Quote: Eurostile LT Std Medium; 14/16.8pt; 36/43.2pt; no leading, no kerning

Subhead: Eurostile LT Std Demi; 16/19.2pt; no leading, no kerning

Body Copy: Frutiger LT Std 45 Light; 14/16.8pt; no leading, no kerning; Interactive

Pop-up Page: Frutiger LT Std 45 Light; 12/14.4pt; no leading, no kerning

Visuals: ; by *eldi13 ; ; ; ; ;

Choice of typefaces:

I chose my typefaces because I thought they worked well for a magazine that reported on gaming news since it looks modern and updated. My typefaces have a nice graphic appeal, similar to the videogames being reported on, which is important for gamers.


For the alternative story forms I included video and pop-up information windows into the design. I included video in the intro page because the video is the base off which the original article was created; it’s an updated version of the FFVII intro. I also created a pop up that gave some history of the other videogame and film media that have been a part of the FFVII universe and have led to this great debate as to whether or not the original game should be remade.