Poster Project: Symposium

     The event I have chosen for my project is the Syracuse University Public Diplomacy Symposium. My project evolved on the idea of international problems and solutions. The target crowd is people interested in international issues, more specifically conflict resolution.

Initially I wanted to create a poster focused on progress and dialogue. Some of my sketches involve earths, teleprompters, and microphones. Due to the fact that I kept seeing the two words “solution” and “problems” on multiple websites, I decided to go with a poster than fostered those ideas.

When thinking of problems, a learning environment was my initial though. The visual of blackboards and chalk writing were the first images that came to mind. I wanted a rough well used blackboard texture to communicate the idea of hard work. The idea of an environment of multiple attempts and failures says vigilance and well thought-out progress. I chose a texture from flicker and the artists name and link are Paree. The texture was Photoshoped to lower contrast and brightness.

Initially with the text, I chose a font resembling a hand written picturesque. It was decided that the font was not strong enough to relay the message and the lettering was too bright to fit the overall concept. I settled on Stencil STD Bold because of its practicality and boldness. This creates the idea of practicality and strength that, in turn, was reflected into the motto “Practical Solutions for Rough Problems.”

As far as overall design, I did not want to crowd all the text into one area. White space was desired around the poster. In the manner the center becomes more of a focus point. I wanted to keep the name of the event and website relatively small so it was minimized and placed in the corner. The website is a little brighter than the rest of the text to make it easier to locate. The equation, especially the large equal sign, is the attention focus. The overall text was lowered to 80% brightness to capture the appearance of fitting the texture.

The overall poster reflects a rough environment with bold ideas. Which was what I wanted to demonstrate in the message and communicate to my target audience.

SimsJamesPosterFinal SimsJamesPosterFinal2