Toys For Tots Mobile Design

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Tazzia-Sam-Wireframe- Final


Rationale/Creative Brief- Mobile

1 Design strategy: you MUST explain the reasoning behind the design you chose.
For my design I wanted to focus on the aspect of the children. The site is very child like with

the bears and the trains. I wanted to use photos of children receiving gifts from Toys For Tots to help with the emotional pull of the site. The statistic is used to really help make the point of what the charity does and again, helps with the emotional pull. The “Our Choice” section is a compilation of text from the Toys for Tots website that is actually pretty hidden. I wanted to bring it to the forefront of the site so that anyone who visits can see the why behind Toys For Tots and hopefully be encouraged to help.

2 Choices of typefaces (Including some you tried but didn’t use).
I chose to use a San Serif typeface because Toys For Tots is a children’s charity and san serifs

are clear, easy to read, and what most kids are used to when in school. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std. had a lot of different variations within the family, which I found appealing. It also looked most like what you see in kids books when they are learning to read and write.

3 Choices of colors and images.
Toys For Tots is a Marine Reserve Crops organization so they used blue and red on their

website. I chose to continue to use those colors to keep with the branding.

4 Source your images.
The images of the children came from creative commons. The photo of the logo

came from the Toys For Tots website. The train used in the “About Us” section is a variation on the logo. The bears I pulled from Google, licensed for reuse and modified in Photoshop.

5 Explain why you think the original site (if there was one) is ugly or has a poor design.
The original site is very military looking in style. It doesn’t have much design to it, no real reference to children in the design, and has a lot of text. It can be hard to navigate and doesn’t do a good job of drawing the user in.

6 Include at least one user story

User 1- Donator
Sarah is a college student taking the bus to class in November. She wants to do a Toys for Tots drive for her dorm and needs to find out if there is a local drop off location.

User 2 – Requestor
Sue is a single mother of two working two jobs and barely getting by. She knows this is going to be a scarce Christmas and needs to request toys for her children so they can receive something this Christmas