McMullin, Jamel Ux/UI Design

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McMullin, Jamel mobile project 4

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Design Strategy:
For this project I redesigned the web page for a nonprofit organization that helps people learn how to read and write. I chose to redo their website because it was very plain and boring.  I wanted to give the webpage a very clean and straight forward approach. I started it off with a welcoming image of the entrance of the Proliteracy building. I added a new navigation tool and social media icons. As you click on each navigation tool it transports you to that section of the page. In the about us section I added a video and sticky notes as navigation tools. For their crisis section I added statistics and navigational tools that give statistics on a variety of issues people face with literacy. For their solutions section I added an image of one of their employees helping people. I also included a navigation section for this as well. For their get involved section I added a picture of their organization receiving a check and the navigational tools represented checks as well. for their last page I put their contact information and a picture of their logo. I also included an a blue background to each section to keep their brand color consistent throughout the page.

For the mobile website I kept all of the images and text the same. I fitted them to be viewed on a mobile device. the only significant change that I made for the mobile device was that I had to stack information on top of each other. I moved the text for each section above or next to the main photo. I moved the navigational tools on the bottom and to the side for the sections as well.