Murali_ UX

For the user experience, I selected the webpage (just like my user interface project), which is a solidarity campaign for gender equality. I picked this webpage because of how I grew up and the restrictions I faced as a woman.

I found the original page great but it seemed really intimidating. The graphics came from all over the place and it looked too busy and confusing. I tried to make it more user friendly and easy on the eyes for people who are interested in following the campaign. I found a picture on the web showing the balance of equality of men and women and I like the scientific representation of it.

Below it I added sections, About Us, Take Action, Donate, Shop, and Contact. I segregated each section with a different background color so it can be differentiated easily. I placed the pictures of one of the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama to show people of his involvement in this campaign. I found a picture of Limbu women studying to get people to donate for the women’s rights, education and work. Shop section was pretty easy for me. The contact section on the webpage was in black background, which can be difficult for some people to read so I made it a white background.

The typeface I used was Avenir overall. Avenir was my choice of typeface as it is easy on the eyes for the public to read. I used the margins and grids as indicated in the lecture hall.