Scholl_Mobile Design Site

The mobile portion of this project was certainly challenging, and really made me think about how I view things in the palm of my hand versus on a large screen on a desktop. It really made me tune into visual elements that have become a thoughtless part of my every day life, when viewing things on my phone. This challenged me to transform my mobile project into something highly visual, using interactive elements to engage the user on their phone. I did this by using arrows, and large symbols (circles, text, rounded rectangles) to show that by swiping and interactive with the mobile device, you can see more information. I stuck with Helvetica Neue Ultra Light and Light, depending on the text or the heading, to keep it light and simple. Tara helped me clean things up, change the text colors, which really brought the mobile site to a new level of sophistication. I think the design, colors and photos of this site will appeal both to children and adults.