Warrior Writers Desktop & Mobile Website Designs

HANSEN_Tim_Final_Website Hansen_Tim_Mobile_Fianl Hansen_Tim_Brief

Design Strategy

I chose the Warrior Writers because the organization in a national nonprofit based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its website is crowded with a lot of text that rolls from one topic into another. My idea was to separate the key communication points of Warrior Writers and transmit them in short bursts of text similar to radio message traffic. The photo of the soldiers in the header is intended to evoke an emotion, a thought or a memory from the viewer. Since most wars are won by occupying ground space, I used a stoney soil pattern as the background and various shades of brown throughout the site. Though all viewers are welcome to read and donate this website, the intended audience is veterans – male and female—of all ranks, branches of service and wars for the purpose of learning how to write and publish their military experience. By using a sharper typeface without serifs and military imagery that would catch the eye of veterans, a viewer will scroll down the page and realize the emphasis is on writing for this group.

The mobile version presented a different set of challenges, namely scaling photos and text to fit the smaller dimension. I had to reconfigure the toolbar using the “hamburger” icon to pull up other sections. Social media icons also had to be repositioned to create a better balance of the icons on the navigation bar.

Three following three website influenced my design for this project because of their sense of color, innovative graphics and fundamental appeal.

  1. “A Stranger to Words” by Meng Chin Chiang
  2. “Stand Out” by Denise Chandler
  3. “Remember Your Dream” at discoveryshadow.com