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As a PR student, we already had to have an event, organization, non-profit and celebrity spokesperson ready for this class.

My non-profit is PAWS of Rochester. They are similar to animal shelters but they don’t take pets in. They donate supplies to people who need help taking care of their pets. They believe that some animal abuse can be avoided with education and resources. Not all people are bad people, they just need help. This helps lower the amount of animals in shelters.

My organization is Wilmorite. They own all the malls in the Rochester area.

My event is a telethon at the Greece Ridge Mall that has a mobile clinic from PAWS, tables where people can donate supplies such as food, bowls, toys, beds, cages etc. There will also be a photo opportunity with Abby Wombach and your dog(s).

Zwecker_Amie Found Typography

I would have loved to have used this exercise as an opportunity to explore Syracuse but I had to work in downtown Rochester.  Many of my photos are from there.  However, this project did force me to think outside the box.  It would have been easy to take pictures of real typography.  This forced me to see things in a creative context.  Hopefully I can apply some of my experience with this exercise to future projects.




The rest of my photos are on Behance.

I really did enjoy this exercise!