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Alison Gibson Found Typography

I began searching for interesting uses of characters and where we see text after hearing of the project in lecture. We often ignore graphic design elements in our surroundings, but this course has helped me to realize the tremendous amount of effort that goes into creating these pieces. For this exercise, I found the majority of letters downtown, near Armory Square and Clinton Square. However, I also found others around campus and some on the side of the road on a few different drives. Once we begin thinking about where we might see typography and letters, it becomes increasingly easier to see them and to think creatively. It’s nice to see how we might use the seen styles to incorporate certain patterns and concepts into our own original designs.


The shown letter is a Y I noticed in cracked pavement in one of the restrooms in Newhouse. This was the first letter that I found, and it was great because I realized that I had already begun to notice my surroundings differently than before. The rest of my photos can be seen on my flickr account: