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I chose to keep the mobile website simple to allow for easy navigation. The first thing users see is the search bar and drop down menu for their convenience. When users come to the site they will easily be able to find information about the organization, call the hotline, submit a tip or make a donation. I kept the color theme consistent with the desktop website, and used the red from the logo to highlight important phone numbers and links.



I chose to redesign the Green Bay Area Crime Stoppers website. The original website is horribly designed, uses too much information and tabs and is overall confusing. I wanted to design a website that still conveyed the important information, such as the contact information and what they do. I also wanted to keep the design simple and professional due to the nature of the organization. I kept a consistent color theme that matches the photos and logo, but I used red sparingly to highlight phone numbers, tip submission and donations.


Smith_Magazine Smith_Magazine 2

My magazine spread is inspired by an article from Newsweek, “George Washington University Drops Standardized Test Scores From Admissions.” I renamed my magazine spread “No More SAT,” because I believe the title is more engaging and would interest prospective college students.



I chose the non-profit organization Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The Green Bay Packers will sponsor a 2015 season-long “Ending Gun Violence in the End Zone” event to raise money for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The gun is breaking the heart because that is what gun violence does to people it affects. The drop coming off the heart can be interpreted as a tear from the people affected or a blood drop of the victim.

Smith_Expressive Type

Smith_GRA 617 -02

I chose to play with and manipulate a few words, including: smile, minus, hang and left. My favorite word out of the group is minus because I like the concept of the “I” being turned on its side to resemble the subtraction symbol. My original idea was the word smile with a colon as a set of eyes winking, but I ultimately believe that the minus expressive type is more mind-boggling and creative.

Smith_Found Typography

Letter T

I learned that typography is used vastly throughout architecture. Before this assignment, I never really paid attention to the use of typography. This exercise has opened my eyes to the different types of typography found within buildings, objects and writing. I took my picture while walking down Crouse Street. I noticed this wooden structure that resembled the letter T. Many of my other images are also found within architecture around the Syracuse area. After this exercise, I am more aware of the various uses of typography that are all around us.

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