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Danielle Fields-User Interface


I did Make-A-Wish foundation. This is an organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. I chose a blue color scheme because this is the color of their logo. The visual was suppose to signify the process it takes for a wish to come true. The child drops the “wish” in the mail box, it goes down the tube, and your wish is granted at the bottom.

A link I used for inspiration is:

Danielle Fields’ Resume

Danielle Fields-Resume

I found this project very helpful in creating a unique resume we could use when searching for jobs. My final resume was completely different from when I first started, changing everything from the wordmark and fonts to the layout. I was happy with the end results in relations to where I am planning to head in my career.

Danielle Fields

Found Typography Exercise-Danielle Fields


This is my favorite picture me and Tom Burnham took because I like how the “H” didn’t come from a sign. It’s an actually logo from Honda. We completed this assignment quicker than I thought. We took so many pictures sometimes had trouble deciding which picture we liked better for a certain letter.

Here is the link to the rest of our project:

Danielle Fields: Expressive Type


Climb: The M represents mountains which i and b are climbing up and down.


Chaos: I used “cracked” typeface for this word and mixed up all the letters to show disorder.


Waterfall: This word is obviously in the shape of the object itself; a waterfall.

Expressive type-Danielle