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Dingyue Zhang poster

Dingyue Zhang Poster

The poster is for the Australian-born smartphone addiction charity Moodoff Day’s annual activity “Morning Without Technology” . The purpose of the event is to encourage people to get rid of the technology addiction, especially the smartphone.

The main part of the poster is one person stuck in the smartphone, which means smartphone addiction. We are just able to see the shadow of the person because with the disguise of the smartphone or Internet, it’s getting harder to know a person for real in modern society. The shadow of the person is also a strong message

The background is white to make the whole poster looks simple. It also means once people set them free from the smartphone, a much clean and real world is out there waiting for them.

The font I choose is Helvetica nude, Apple use it a lot in its commercial. I use it to hint at the smartphone.

The slogans “free yourself” and “breakfast before browsing” are both indicating the topic of the event. The meaning is getting rid of your phone addiction and enjoying the life.