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User Interface Project: Timi Komonibo

Style Lottery final

This project was something I’m particularly invested in. I started a non-profit earlier this year so I was excited to find that I could redesign my non-profit site. It was difficult for me to not get personally attached to this project. I wanted the site readers to be able to read what the non-profit was about and feel compelled to lend support. I think my personal attachment to this cause pushed me to try my hardest on this website. I found myself doodling sketches of the layout with every free moment. I thought and rethought the design– I wanted the look to be flirty and simple. As tough as this project was, I enjoyed flexing my new Photoshop muscles . I learned a lot this week. I hope that I’ve done my non-profit justice!


Style Lottery wireframe

Links I used for inspiration (layout) (color scheme)

Poster- Timi Komonibo

A Revolutionary View

This poster was designed for a panel event for the Public Diplomacy Symposium. This particular event focused on the Egypt uprising and the use of the media. I chose to use a camera lens as my main graphic. The lenses represent how all eyes are on Egypt.

Found Typography- Timi Komonibo

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 4.24.00 PM

I have always been a bit of a type geek, so this assignment was very interesting to me. The picture above was taken of my sketchbook for class. I have been spending a lot of time with it lately. The bold H was a great addition to my set of letters.

Here is the rest of my collection. Enjoy!