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McTigue Gerard Project 4 UI/UX Project

McTigue Gerard Project 4 Web One PageMcTigue Gerard Project 4 Mobile

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.56.18 PM

For this project I chose the website for Food & Water Watch. An organization promoting healthy and safe choices, protection of the environment and transparency from the government and big business. Just from the first sentence you can tell it is heavy subject matter and this was the first thing that made me choose the aesthetic I chose. Because the information is so serious, I wanted to create a lighter and more welcoming interface for people to access the information. The original website is also very very text heavy so I wanted to use more visuals to simplify some of that text heaviness. With these changes I also wanted to stay true to the organizations original branding as I could tell they put thought into colour choices and visuals. First of all, I took the colours from the logo and use them throughout. This is a blue and green, very obvious choices for an organization dealing with the environment. Fortunately, the blue and green they chose were unique so I used them. I kept these colours in mind when I choise visuals and created the icons located on my webage. Another thing I found on the original website was the amount of redundancy of information. While it is good to use certain things multiple times to assist the user in accessing them, others just take up space and cause confusion. I was able to integrate parts of the original site, such as “research”, into other existing sections like “tools” as it was essentially a database. I also simplified the navigation titles as they use two words with some and it is not necessary for space or overall look.

Once I made these fundamental choices based on who the orgnization was, I tried to think of who my audience was. Based on the literature on the website, they seem to be trying to reach every day people with an interest in making environmentally friendly decisions. They may also be reaching acadmics and/or activists as secondary groups. Overall, it is focused on people that want to be better educated about issues surrounding the food and water we use and consume. With that in mind, I wanted to keep it simple. A person trying to do research for the first time does not necessarily want to be bogged down by text. I therefore wanted to create my one page as more of a portal. There would be no way to fit all of the information from every tab on the original site onto one page to begin with so it acts more as a highlights/features/links front page. It contains all of the primary information the original site has, but instead has “teasers” and links to more information rather than paragrpahs of text.

I originally used different shades of the same colour for the background of the different sections, but foudn that this created a lot of business on the page that was not necessary. So I chose a neutral, muted green and made that uniform throughout. For my layers comps, I chose two “changes” to communicate to the user that the item is interactive. For general text that can be clicked on, I used a light grey box to show usability. For an item/visual that can be clicked, a grey box also appear behing it. in the case where text is already inside of a shape, that shape and the text get bolder and brighter when the user srolls over.

McTigue Gerard – Magazine Project

McTigue Gerard Project 3  Magazine

McTigue Gerard Project 3  Magazine2

My magazine is called Heritage and it is on American history and culture. I originally wanted to do a men’s culture and style magazine, but did not feel any of the articles I found were substantial enough of which to create a 4-page spread. I ended up finding a story in National Geographic about the finding of remains of four of the first settlers and leaders in the United States that were buried at the church in Jamestown, NY where the historical Pocahontas was married. I wanted to give my spreads a sleeker, simpler look than most historical publications which usually look dated and dry.

I kept the opening spread simple and reconstituted the crosses that are located on each grave of the men from the story. This is the focal piece of the spread and I think it creates a little bit of drama through its simplicity. For the jump spread I kept the layout and grid simple, but tried to arrange pieces in a more interesting way than in other publications with the same subject matter. Though it is not perhaps obvious to the reader, I also chose to only place four columns of text on the page to make allusion to the four men in the story. I also chose to make my pop quote the text I used in my deck on the opening spread in order to tie the two together. Placing images to bleed off the page and using crisper cleaner colors for type and imagery. Overall, I really like the final product. It is fairly easy to read and gives the viewer the ability consume the text without being weighed down by it.

The original story can be found at:

McTigue Gerard Poster Project

McTigue Gerard Poster

My poster is to provide information on my event “Start Something and Keep Climbing”, a joint venture between Delta Air Lines, Inc. and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The two are teaming up to host a day of fun activities and personal development events to show children what a life involving travel is like, to promote awareness of the non-profit and to get eligible adults to volunteer for the organization. Because children are a main audience for me, I chose to go on the more simple and clean look so that they could engage with what they see. I created the two institutions’ logos and reworked them for what i am depicting. To relate to my event name and the idea behind the entire event. I depicted the adult and child from the Big Brothers Big Sisters logo beginning a climb up the Delta widget which depicts an incline or mountain. I also created a gradient in the back to show the idea of ascending into the sky. Again, as my viewers are mainly children and their families, chose simple primary and secondary colors which fortunately resulted in honoring the institutions style guides for their work. Lastly, as my event is a bit more detailed and complex, chose to provide a little more information. As such, I chose a font which spoke to both institutions aesthetics  while not weighing down the work. I set it in the top right in order to not trap the negative space on the page. The placement also works well as the visuals draw the eye upward. I also chose to not show the entire Delta widget/logo so the viewer and fill in that space and think for themselves as to what the mountain actually is. Overall, I think my final work does exactly what I intended it to do and am happy with the final product.

McTigue, Gerard Resume Project

McTigue Gerard Project 1


The name of the game for my resume was to somehow give it a modern, clean look with traditional and classic characteristics. My personality and interests are a mix of old and new, so my resume needed to reflect this. I mixed a serif (Trajan Pro) and sans serif (Futura Std) to add both aesthetics to my work. I opted to use a more traditional layout for my information, and used a sans serif to make the text clean and easy-to-read. I went back and forth on using colour in my resume, but decided against it in the end as I felt it did not reflect the look for which I was going. I also have a lot of content on my resume and needed to find a way to make sure it did not weigh down the page. I think, in the end, my use of typefaces, my page layout, and my overall design, communicate who I am as a personal and as a professional.

McTigue Gerard – Found Typography Exercise

Letter N

I enjoyed finding typeface a lot more than expected. I think the original thought from many was, “You want me to take pictures of letters?”, but the lesson was so beneficial. I’ve lived in Syracuse for almost 8 years, but like many, I don’t stop to look at what’s around me. TYPEFACE IS EVERYWHERE! The obvious places like street signs, posters, and menus, but it’s also in places you don’t look for it like nature, the household, and even the human form. I think because I do not have a background in graphics or typography, I don’t have a concept of how wide ranging typeface can be. Now I do. Or, at least, I’ve begun to develop that concept.

For this project I gathered images from the Syracuse campus, Downtown Syracuse, my neighbourhood, Destiny USA, and friends home/farm. Despite being diverse locations, indoors and outdoors, natural and manmade, typeface could be spotted in all of them. I chose the photo I included in this post because it was the most surprising. Not because it was that outstanding or unusual, but because I passed it countless times at my friends home and never stopped to realize an “N” was sitting in their garage.

Lesson for this exercise? You can find inspiration from anything; all you have to do is look.

My other photos can be found at:

McTigue Gerard – Expressive Type Exercise

McTigue Gerard Expressive Type 1

The “O” pops out from the the word like a kernel popping in heat.

McTigue Gerard Expressive Type 2

The letters in “FLY” take off like on a runway. The “Y” (thankfully) looks like a bird or plane in flight.

McTigue Gerard Expressive Type 3

This word literally slithers down the page like the bending of a snake.


*Note on assignment: Angling was a major part of the exercise for me. One thing I found was that angling a letter 45 degrees one direction and 45 degrees the other direction, does not necessarily make them symmetrical. “FLY” was my favorite word as it turned out exactly as I had it in my mind. “SLITHER” took the most time, but was my last idea and made me think a little more outside of the box. “POP” was the simplest, but I created multiple sketches before finally realizing the simplest was the best in my opinion.