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Kane, Desktop Website

My design strategy for the desktop website, was simple and clean, which would allow for people to follow it as easily as possible. The audience that my website was designed for, was for those who follow and love crossfit, there for it did not have to be super detailed, because it is an athletics website.The choices of typefaces that I selected were all in the Avenir family. The colors I used were all different shades of grey and black, with an accent of green. All of my images were in black and white.For the prior website, there was none. Only a lousy kept Facebook page. There were personal work out plans and diet plans throughout the website that I created.desktopwebsite




The event that I chose, was the Walk to stop Diabetes, which is put on by the American Diabetes Association. It takes place throughout the United States, throughout several different cities. This specific poster is for the upcoming walk in October, and it is taking place in New York City.