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McMullin, Jamel Ux/UI Design

Web page

McMullin, Jamel mobile project 4

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.12.25 PM


Design Strategy:
For this project I redesigned the web page for a nonprofit organization that helps people learn how to read and write. I chose to redo their website because it was very plain and boring.  I wanted to give the webpage a very clean and straight forward approach. I started it off with a welcoming image of the entrance of the Proliteracy building. I added a new navigation tool and social media icons. As you click on each navigation tool it transports you to that section of the page. In the about us section I added a video and sticky notes as navigation tools. For their crisis section I added statistics and navigational tools that give statistics on a variety of issues people face with literacy. For their solutions section I added an image of one of their employees helping people. I also included a navigation section for this as well. For their get involved section I added a picture of their organization receiving a check and the navigational tools represented checks as well. for their last page I put their contact information and a picture of their logo. I also included an a blue background to each section to keep their brand color consistent throughout the page.

For the mobile website I kept all of the images and text the same. I fitted them to be viewed on a mobile device. the only significant change that I made for the mobile device was that I had to stack information on top of each other. I moved the text for each section above or next to the main photo. I moved the navigational tools on the bottom and to the side for the sections as well.

McMullin, Jamel Project 3 Magazine

McMullin, Jamel Project 3 magzine


Design Strategy:

For this project I had to design a magazine that featured Lebron James return to the Cleveland Cavilers. The name of the magazine is Mcsports. I choose this name in order to incorporate my name and a sports related topic. I consider sports illustrated and ESPN magazines as my top competitors because they also did a story on Lebron James return to Cleveland. I wanted this magazine to feel personable, so I included images that made the audience feel that they could relate to Lebron James. I also wanted the magazine to have a modern and detailed look.

Jamel McMullin, Poster


Design Strategy:
For this project my main design was a black bow tie that represented my event. My event was a banquet and fundraising dinner that supported the Say Yes to Education foundation. All proceeds raised from the dinner go toward the education of future leaders. I chose to have a black tie as the main image on my poster because my event is a black tie affair. A various amount of images are placed within the bow tie as well. They were placed there to show what the event was for. I also included the Nike logo at the bottom to show who the event was sponsored by.

McMullin Jamel Resume

McMullin Jamel Resume

For this design I decided to go with a clean, modern and fluent design. I wanted to have direction in a way that the redaer would have to start left, go right and continue downwards.My tagert market was public relations firms. These firms typically want resumes that are straight forward and direct. Some problems that I faced during this project was trying to figure out a way to use space correctly on the page. I also had to go away from my comfort zone when thinking of designs for the resume. I wanted to be perceived as someone who has structure and well organized.



Found typography exercise



This letter search for typography in everyday life was an interesting as well as challenging. I had to go out and around town to find letters that turned out to be difficult to find. It was exciting coming across objects and buildings that resembled typography. I enjoyed this exercise. The letter above represents a z made out a Lego sign.


Here is my link to the other photos

McMullin Jamel, Expressive Type Exercise

McMullin Jamel, Expressive Type 1

The e’s in see represent a pair of glasses looking. I choose to do them that way because of how they defined what the word see meant.

McMullin Jamel, Expressive Type 2

The o in grow is meant to symbolize the sun while the r is a plant growing from being nourished by the sun. It appears as if the r is rising up to make sense of what it means to grow.

McMullin Jamel, Expressive Type 3








The rotated { represents the u in the word duck. It also represents an actual duck flying away into the sky.

Note-I felt that the project helped my level of creativity since I feel that is what I lack. Also, at times I felt confused as to what I was suppose to be doing to make my words more interesting. Overall it was a good exercise to develop my skills.