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Project UX/UI – Krishnan Kala



It was the best way to end the graphic learning experience. Designing websites first for the website and then for the phone was extremely intense, exciting, time consuming and tedious. At the end of the day I learned a lot about user interface and designing strategies being different for both dekstops and mobiles.

Mobile is the way forward and it is great to learn that we can modify our design strategies to match the change in consumer needs .

I loved it ! It was a great end to an amazing term.

Project Magazine – Krishnan Kala

magazine v5


I had an amazing experience with the magazine project since it allowed me to explore my creative side and create an entire new magazine of my own. I could select my own topic, article, magazine name and target audience. The concept of getting content, visuals and colors together was challenging. I learned a lot about designing, colors, font and empty spaces.

It was a great experience and i had fun !

Krishnan Kala – Poster design project

Poster final

This was the first project where I used the illustrator. It was extremely challenging since I had a lot to create in one day. While creating the design and aligning it to my media kit I had to edit and re-edit it a number of time, but that is what got me to my final design in a way that it seemed perfect. I learned the art of simplicity and metaphors. I learned that readers are smart and we do not have to provide them with direct images on the plate. In fact the strategy of hiding a little enhances the design and creates a sense of mysteriousness.

It was a great experience !

Krishnan Kala – Photography exercise




The color technique where the green background highlights the directions in white


Color technique – The red color draws attention to these trash cans on the road


Color technique – The multicolored rings draw attention to the black box inside


Color technique – The blue and red combination on white background highlight the text. Additionally the red color leads your eye


Framing technique

Krishnan Kala – Resume Project

Krishnan Kala - Resume draft final version1

This was my first experience with InDesign for a complete project. Creating a resume in InDesign was an interesting process. On one side I had to use designing and creative skills, but being a resume it had to look elegant and simple. Every time I edited my work, I learned and understood more. I was able to perceive visuals from the reader’s point of view. I learned about empty spaces, they have their own way of guiding the viewer. Creating the word mark for my name was challenging because it had to stand while being subtle. The exercise also provided me with a chance to apply all the theoretical knowledge about typography that I gained over the last week.

It was undoubtedly an engaging session and even though I was exhausted towards the end, I was happy with my effort!

Krishnan Kala – Found typography exercise

The lamp posts across the campus road resembled the letter M

The lamp posts across the campus road resembled the letter M

Note : This was one of the most engaging experiences I have ever had! It was like an adventure to look out for things in the surroundings that resembled typeface. We were a group of 2 (Phedorah Rosiclair and I) and we enjoyed looking for numbers, alphabets and other signs on shirts, people, walls or just on things around us. While walking around the campus and Marshall Street we found innumerable items that formed a part of our typeface assignment. Sometime door handles looked like letters and sometimes we found window panes that depicted typeface. Even shoes and clothes depicted typeface.

It felt like we were looking at things with a different eye altogether. There was more thought involved while exploring and we seemed to register more about our surroundings and learned more about typography. It was a great experience.

This is the link to all the other letters:

My link to the other pictures



Krishnan Kala – Expressive type exercise

Krishnan Kala - Expressive type 1

The ‘i’ that is hanging up expresses the meaning of the word high as a whole. For me it also signifies that we must always aim high and sky is the limit !

Krishnan Kala - Expressive type 2

The ‘d’ lying flat at the end signifies falling and dying, hence expresses the word dead.

Krishnan Kala - Expressive type 3

The lower portion of the word illusion is hidden but the word can still be read. This expresses the concept of illusion where you can see something even if it does not really exist.

Note to the assignment:

It was a sudden realization about how visuals can affect our way of thinking and perception. Typography was not new to me but it still felt new and different. This being our first assignment, it was simple but required thinking, brainstorming to make it effective. Initially I found it difficult to think but once I got a hang of it, I got better too! It helped invoke the creative side in me and I really enjoyed the experience. The process of thinking, formulating an idea, sketching it out and editing it again was both tedious and enjoyable at the same time.