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Leslie Brocksmith Magazine Project

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The readers of the magazine that this article would be in probably are not serious gardeners and it would be more of a quick read if it caught their eye. It would be like finding something new on Pinterest and reading the link attached to the pin. This article is not meant to go in depth; it is more a list of quick tips and instructions.

The typeface I used for the whole project is Scotch Roman MT Std. The specific leading and sizes are:

Font: Scotch Roman MT Std, 48 pt.
Leading: 57.6
All caps

Font: Font: Scotch Roman MT Std, Italic, 14pt.
All cap

Body Text:
Font: Scotch Roman MT Std, 10 pt.,
Leading: 13, Side bar: 14

Pull Quote:
Font: Scotch Roman MT Std, Italic, 14pt.
Leading: 18.6

The article heading is the largest and in all caps because it is bold and grabs the readers attention. It is slightly higher than the body text next to it because it guides the reader’s eyes down in to the article. I chose to use a drop cap on the jump spread instead of in the article opening so that it would not compete for attention with the bold heading. The subheadings pull quote and drop cap take on the green color found in the plants in some of the pictures. It makes them stand out more in the hierarchy of the type on the page.

The margins are 1 p and the articles bleed to the edge of the pages. I did not include a folio over the images so that they were not broken up. The bleeding of the images makes them stand out. I made the cover image large to show the variety of textures and colors. The type is clean and simple to balance the vibrancy of the plants. The images are mine, so I did not have to worry about copyright issues when searching for images.

Originally, I had the sidebar inside of one rectangular box, but it did not differentiate itself enough from the main article. Since my sidebar is a series of quick tips, I broke it up in to multiple boxes so that it creates more visual interest while still aligned.

My article is more instructional than narrative so I used the pictures of the plants instead of people actually watering and planting succulents. It would be too literal with people or gardening tools and the plants stand out on their own.



poster brocksmith leslie

My event is called Ground Yourself and is sponsored by Prana. It is a morning of yoga in Central Park that will benefit the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). The proceeds will go towards funding the nonprofit and the publicity will raise awareness for their cause

Prana has some eccentric aspects to it, so I used the background and the lotus flower colors to show that energy. However, the darker blues are to represent the calm aspect of the event. The person in the lotus pose gives a visual clue as to what the event is. Also, pink, yellow and blue colors I used are a triad on the color wheel.

The Bebas type looks simple but impactful which shows the mood of the event while getting the message across. Both the Prana and NAMI logos are on the poster, but Prana is on top because they are the “client” for my PR class.

Found typography- Leslie Brocksmith



This assignment lead me to find “letters” all around town in places that I would not have expected. I took pictures walking home from class, Wescott, in coffee shops and on campus. I found many of my letters in architectural forms. The most difficult ones were the letters with curved lines. I now walk around with a “typography” lens on everywhere I go.

The rest of my photos can be found on my Flickr account at this link: