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Poster- Race for the Cure

My best friend lost her mother to breast cancer and since then has been incredibly proactive by supporting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and its efforts. I decided I wanted to make a poster advertising the “Race for the Cure” taking place in New York City this fall.

The initial sketches consisted of the iconic pink ribbon as balloons. One where they filled the entire top half of the page and another where a giant ribbon was a hot air balloon, both with the tag line: “Rise Up For The Cure”. My favorite one however was first aid kit where the cross symbol was replaced by a pink ribbon and it read “Put The Cure First”. Too bad they were all cliché.

I ended up with the poster you see below. The side profile of a breast made by a circle that I brought to the edge of the page, divided and ungrouped using the tools we learned in Thursday’s lab. I traced the image of the ribbon using the pen tool. In order to have the empty space in the middle I had to trace that area separately and “Exclude” the white space. I used the shape of the iconic ribbon to add more detail to the breast so that an audience could more easily identify it as such. The colors of the ribbon match the official colors and I achieved this with the eyedropper tool.

I made the running man copying an image, rasterizing (which pixelates the image), and using a trace tool. I then made him an off-white color so that the image would not fully blend in with the boob. I angled him to appear as if he was running alongside it, ergo the tag line. During my research I played around using before settling on the pinks I would use. I then inputted RGB values into swatch options.

My hopes are that the imagery on this poster encourages people of all ages to get involved. It lightens up a heavy issue and reminds the audience that these events, such as the run are intended to promote hope and love, both of which can come about through laughter.


Mojica-Nikkole-GRA617-Poster Project-FINAL

Found Typography


Above is a photo of a window which I have associated with the letter H. While completing this weekend’s assignment I came across objects that resembled letters, many which I had previously acknowledged in day to day life. This however was my favorite because I had never looked at a window and thought: “H”. Through this exercise I was able to train my eye to look more closely at what was in my everyday. I found that by continuing to practice and hone this skill, the better my ideas will be. Start with what you know.

The rest of my photos can be found Here.

Nikkole Mojica Expressive Typography




1. Bound: I chose to bind each of the letters in order to depict the meaning of the word and placed them at different levels to mirror the sounds made during pronunciation.

2. Kiss: I used a font with serifs so that the s’s would have a place to meet.

3. Wharf: (n) A pier where ships or boats are tied up and loaded or unloaded. (thefreedictionary) Some of the letters are intended to resemble ships docking into the others.