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Rosiclair Phedorah Website/Mobile


This is my design for the New England Aquarium website which is currently a little out of date and very cluttered.I wanted to create an airy and fun affect for this website design and I can really see it coming through, mostly because of my choice in color and the size of the photos. My target was children, who are very visual and respond well to shapes and colors. I choose brighter colors instead of staying with the deep dark blue because this is suppose to be fun not depressing. I also included cartoons to engage children.



Rosiclair Phedorah Poster Project


This poster was the biggest challenge I have faced so far at Newhouse, I would have rather taken five AP quizzes in it’s place. But it was great to learn new short cuts and methods of getting the job done. Time is valuable and that is very true for this project. I am also happy I now have a baseline for both my aptitude with these instruments and for my creativity. I now know where my weaknesses are and can focus on improving them.

Rosiclair Phedorah – Expressive Typography

Rosiclair Phedorah Expressive Type 1

I chose to make the “X” stand out from the other letters in

both size, weight and font. The “X” takes on the character of the word moxie.

Rosiclair Phedorah Expressive Type 3

Here, I purposefully had all the letters “l”, “a” and “y” lean against each other

this makes the word appear as if it was sleeping. The “Z” is above and is a common

way of conveying to the audience that the subject is asleep.

Rosiclair Phedorah Expressive Type 4

Here, I simply made the “C” large making it seem like it has caught

the rest of the letters in it’s “mouth”.

Rosiclair Phedorah – Found Typography Exercise


Having spent this entire week trying to understand what expressive typography is, I began to evaluate logos and styles that are present in my life. I think I have learned, at the very least, that there is more to branding and typography than making sure that it does not unintentionally become an inappropriate joke. This exercise has made me realize that there is more to the design then just looking pretty. I realized that there is an element of support that type can provide, which ideally will add strength to the overall brand.

In my kitchen I found this ampersand with the silhouette of a person running on the box of a low calorie snack. I thought it added a level credibility to the claims that this snack is perfect for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overall, the hunt was fun and at some points I would find myself sulking because someone would find the same letter in the cooler place; this only fed my competitive side. It was also an excellent way to collaborate, as I asked people where they found the more difficult letters like “Q”.


Phedorah Rosiclair