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Mobile- Rebecca Hansen

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Design strategy: you MUST explain the reasoning behind the design you chose.

  • I kept with the color scheme and wanted a simple one-column layout. I took away a lot of elements in my original design (like boxes and a lot more color) to make it easier to read and have a better UX overall. I took certain elements like the header and footer and mimicked certain mobile designs. I took out the social media options because it took up too much room in the header. I added little bars and arrows to point users into the next section to keep their attention. I thought adding “Back to Top” was a simple way to encourage more interaction with the menu options and main message.

Choices of typefaces (Including some you tried but didn’t use).

  • I chose Baskerville for the body copy and Big Caslon Medium for the subject heads. I think they work well together. I originally wanted a thicker type for the subheads but it distracted from the flow of the overall project. I put certain words in all-caps to provide emphasis and continuity.

Choices of colors and images.

  • The colors are as close to the original website as I could get them. The images are from creative commons and correlate to actual stories from the website. The main image is supposed to represent a little girl—someone that the organization wants to affect with its research.

Explain why you think the original site (if there was one) is ugly or has a poor design.

  • The original site is too wordy and the pictures are too small. It seems like it doesn’t have a personality. Other websites with similar messages have more interactivity and elements that provide depth.

Website- Rebecca Hansen


The Objective

Is the purpose of this piece of communication clearly stated? Does it tell the reader/viewer what action to take? Does it tell them what to think, to feel, or to do?

  • The purpose of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media is to educate and influence those in the entertainment industry to change gender inequalities across all types of media. The reader can donate, volunteer, become a member, or become a corporate sponsor with the Institute. It tells the reader to feel pride about the accomplishments of women in the media and to help change the stereotypes influencing children.

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Poster- Rebecca Hansen

I chose futura because of all the options within the family. I included the company’s logo to break up the straight type/words on the bottom half of the page. It’s easy to read (in PDF format, the JPG below loses quality) and the colors correspond to pertinent information. I had to change the colors many times. For instance I started out with five different colored candies and changed to one solid pink color to emphasize the statistic. The candies are in a pattern to represent the life preservers and an overall percentage. I had two other drafts that looked minimalist-style but I chose the original idea to convey the problem my company is solving by hosting the event.

I broke up the contact info because it looked too blocky and too close together. It’s thinner too because it’s the last thing I want you to see.


Found Typography- Rebecca Hansen


I found this assignment to be really fun. I went to Destiny Mall and tried to find the most interesting letters. The “K” above was found outside near some benches in my neighborhood. This taught me to look for letters that might change depending on the view.

I also liked the variety of colors and material I was able to find. I don’t think any two of my letters are too similar in that way.

Here is a link to my Flickr pictures.