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Toys For Tots Mobile Design

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Tazzia-Sam-Wireframe- Final


Rationale/Creative Brief- Mobile

1 Design strategy: you MUST explain the reasoning behind the design you chose.
For my design I wanted to focus on the aspect of the children. The site is very child like with

the bears and the trains. I wanted to use photos of children receiving gifts from Toys For Tots to help with the emotional pull of the site. The statistic is used to really help make the point of what the charity does and again, helps with the emotional pull. The “Our Choice” section is a compilation of text from the Toys for Tots website that is actually pretty hidden. I wanted to bring it to the forefront of the site so that anyone who visits can see the why behind Toys For Tots and hopefully be encouraged to help.

2 Choices of typefaces (Including some you tried but didn’t use).
I chose to use a San Serif typeface because Toys For Tots is a children’s charity and san serifs

are clear, easy to read, and what most kids are used to when in school. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std. had a lot of different variations within the family, which I found appealing. It also looked most like what you see in kids books when they are learning to read and write.

3 Choices of colors and images.
Toys For Tots is a Marine Reserve Crops organization so they used blue and red on their

website. I chose to continue to use those colors to keep with the branding.

4 Source your images.
The images of the children came from creative commons. The photo of the logo

came from the Toys For Tots website. The train used in the “About Us” section is a variation on the logo. The bears I pulled from Google, licensed for reuse and modified in Photoshop.

5 Explain why you think the original site (if there was one) is ugly or has a poor design.
The original site is very military looking in style. It doesn’t have much design to it, no real reference to children in the design, and has a lot of text. It can be hard to navigate and doesn’t do a good job of drawing the user in.

6 Include at least one user story

User 1- Donator
Sarah is a college student taking the bus to class in November. She wants to do a Toys for Tots drive for her dorm and needs to find out if there is a local drop off location.

User 2 – Requestor
Sue is a single mother of two working two jobs and barely getting by. She knows this is going to be a scarce Christmas and needs to request toys for her children so they can receive something this Christmas


Toys For Tots Website Design

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.04.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.07.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.07.32 PM


The eight steps to an effective creative brief are pretty simple and quite universal. However, completing the steps takes time and a great deal of thought and research. A brief that is completed in a haphazard, or thoughtless manner will most often lead to a completed project that misses the target, message, or budgetary objectives.


When reading or creating a creative brief ask yourself these questions:

The Objective

Is the purpose of this piece of communication clearly stated? Does it tell the reader/viewer what action to take? Does it tell them what to think, to feel, or to do?

There are three objectives for this website

  • Spread the word/provide information about toys for tots
  • Tell people how/where to donate gifts
  • Let parents request gifts

The charity, and therefore the site, should focus on the joy on a child’s face when they receive a gift on Christmas while making it clear that not every child gets to experience that. This second undertone feeling is what will drive people to donate to Toys for Tots

What is the single most important message to convey?

Is there one simple message for the communication to focus on?

Give the gift of joy to a child on Christmas by donating to Toys for Tots

What is the rationale behind the message?

Is there a rationale and/or an emotional reason to believe?

Millions of children in the US live in families with household incomes below the poverty line. These children wont have the Christmas most of us our used to. They don’t have the luxury of believing in Santa Clause. This Christmas there wont be a lot of decorations, there won’t be big trees decorated with lights an ornaments, and without help many of these children will not even receive presents.

Who are we talking to?

Does this brief go beyond age and sex to include demographics and psychographics?

The primary target of this website are middle to upper-class men and women of varying age groups who celebrate Christmas. They are kind-hearted people with a fondness for children and have the Christmas spirit of love and giving.


How should your target audience respond to your new online presence? If your site was a person, how might you describe them?

This site is a loving, warm and giving person who has a soft spot for children; they embody the true spirit and magic of Christmas.

What is the background or overview?

Who else has done a site like this? How are you going to add to the conversation, not just repeat it? Is there any information about the market or are there any client concerns or insight that will make the communication more informative or relevant?

There are a few other programs that do toy drives for children including The Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Drive, The Toy Industry Foundation’s Toy Bank, and Second Chance Toys. Unlike these other programs, however, Toys for Tots is it’s own charity, not just a drive or initiative, that donates toys directly to individuals within their communities along with Native American reservations close to those communities. In addition, Toys for Tots takes donations for toddlers and young children along with preen teens and teenagers.

Are there any other important details?

Is there any other information that may be useful? Are there any examples of brand personality? Is a logo provided/required? Is there any contact information?

The Toys for Tots logo (a train) is required. It is also very important to note that Toys for Tots is a U.S Marine Corps Reserve program

What are the business requirements for this web application?

What specific tasks and business functions will this web application perform?

In addition to providing standard information about the charity and ways to donate, this site needs to help people find drop off locations within their communities, allow people to make monetary donations online, and allow for parents to request toys for their children.

Offer an example user story?

This is a brief statement that identifies who the user is, what she/he needs, and why she/he needs it.

Suggested Formula: A <type of user>, I want <some goal(s)> so that <some reason>.

User 1- Donator

Sarah is a college student taking the bus to class in November. She wants to do a Toys for Tots drive for her dorm and needs to find out if there is a local drop off location.

User 2 – Requestor

Sue is a single mother of two working two jobs and barely getting by. She knows this is going to be a scarce Christmas and needs to request toys for her children so they can receive something this Christmas

Who is doing it well?

What other organizations have great websites? How are they making it easy? What are they doing that works?

Charity Water

Second Chance Toys:

  • They make the desired actions very clear. There is an icon for donate, and Icon for collect and an icon for receive.

Ronald McDonald House

  • What we do section on homepage
    • Gives basics
    • Nav bar goes to deeper info
  • Brief mission statement between carousel and CTA links

My poster is targeted towards migraine sufferers. The aim of the poster is to encourage

migraine sufferers to come to the convention to meet other people like them and to learn

more about migraines. Migraines can be very scary, confusing and often times isolating.

These lead me to the tag line “Arrive Out of the Darkness” and “Put the Pieces Together

About Migraines.” The former influenced the color scheme of the poster while the later ties

into the design of the puzzle pieces.

I decided to use puzzle pieces to symbolize the patients coming together. It also signifies

people finding answers to their questions and making eliminating their confusion. The

tagline is literally coming out of the darkness while the reference to the puzzle pieces sits on

top of the puzzle pieces themselves.

Purple is the color for migraine awareness. I chose to use shades of purple to show the

transition from dark to light. The typeface family I chose was Helvetica because of its

neutral emotion and look. The design of the poster was so complex I wanted a simple


Tazzia-Sam-Poster- Final

Found Typography- Sam Tazzia

H_Letter Hunt_GRA617_Samantha Tazzia


I spent all weekend with other friends from the class and my roommate running around shouting out random letters (other people probably thought we were crazy). I really enjoyed this assignment, it’s amazing what you can find when you look at things in a different way. When you look at the artistic side of things instead of the practical you see a whole new world. Like the photo above, I walked past it all week and only saw posts for a parking gate. Walking home Friday, however, I saw an H.

I decided for this assignment I didn’t want to use any print/signs, I wanted to keep the added challenge of having to find letters in things. Once I started to realize that the letters didn’t have to be right-side up I was able to find letters easier. Therefore, you have to look at some of the photos sideways to see the letters.

To see all 26 letters check out my new flickr account.

Expressive Type- Coffee, Crown, Balloon

Coffee-Expressive Type- Exercise-GRA617-Sam-Tazzia-7.10.15The “C” and “O” are placed together to create a coffee cup. The “F’s” are in a thin font to look like steam.

Crown-Expressive Type- Exercise-GRA617-Sam-Tazzia-7.10.15 I chose to make the tracking looser so that the word wouldn’t read as “Cron”. The “W” is smaller to look more accurately like a crown.

Balloon-Expressive Type- Exercise-GRA617-Sam-Tazzia-7.10.15

The “L’s” are a script typeface to look more like strings. I rotated them horizontally so that the strings would be in flow with the word. I varied the height of the balloons so that they looked like they were flying.