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The reason why I chose people’s climate movement as my purposeful event is that I attended People’s Climate March last September at NYC and had talks with some artists in Bushwick, who prepared the posters and slogans for the big event. It was a great experience for me and that was officially my first time to get in touch with graphic design, even though at that time I did not have a clear thought what it is exactly.

I reviewed photos and pictures I took at the warehouse in Bushwick and got inspired by some. This year people’s climate movement planned to have a distributed day of action across the United States on October 14. Currently they invite different organizations to take part in planning this event.

My poster aims to attract more organizations’ attention and encouraged them to engage in planning that day’s event in their locations. My design philosophy, inspired by lectures and Pinterest pictures, is succinct and right to the point.

The reason why I chose the Statue of Liberty is that it is kind of funny and could catch your eyes to the point.

Resume Design_Wen Xin

Wen Xin Resume

I designed the final version of my resume based on the idea of simplicity and elegance. I would like to catch the readers’ eyes at the first point and showed them the impression of who I am. I will explain my rational as follows.

I tried to show my own personality in the word mark. In the beginning, I put some efforts to figure out what kind of typeface I should use. While looking through the typefaces of Suitcase Fusion 5, I found several possible typefaces, such as Pompeia srd, Aachen Std Bold, and Revue Std, but Blue Island Std made me feel interesting and I immediately put it into InDesign. While typing my name via Blue Island, I had the feeling that this was exactly the typeface I needed.

I chose Minion Pro as my final decision of my content fonts. I had been struggling with several choices before,like Avenir. And I made a difficult decision on choosing between Minion and Baskerville. But I chose Minion finally because the modern serif style made me feel more high-quality than the classic style.

For the style sheet, I explored several margins, 4p8, 3p5 etc. However, I chose 3p10 in the end because it is not condensed and it gave the readers a good visual experience. For the Paragraph Style, I changed twice. At first, I put the space before and after as 0p1, but it’s kind of separating your eye on the sheet. So I changed it to the space before as 0p3, and after as 0p1.

In a word, this is my first time to use Adobe InDesign to design something for myself and it’s such a great experience for me to explore the software by doing something of your own and by your own. I enjoy it a lot.