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Murali_ UX

For the user experience, I selected the webpage (just like my user interface project), which is a solidarity campaign for gender equality. I picked this webpage because of how I grew up and the restrictions I faced as a woman.

I found the original page great but it seemed really intimidating. The graphics came from all over the place and it looked too busy and confusing. I tried to make it more user friendly and easy on the eyes for people who are interested in following the campaign. I found a picture on the web showing the balance of equality of men and women and I like the scientific representation of it.

Below it I added sections, About Us, Take Action, Donate, Shop, and Contact. I segregated each section with a different background color so it can be differentiated easily. I placed the pictures of one of the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama to show people of his involvement in this campaign. I found a picture of Limbu women studying to get people to donate for the women’s rights, education and work. Shop section was pretty easy for me. The contact section on the webpage was in black background, which can be difficult for some people to read so I made it a white background.

The typeface I used was Avenir overall. Avenir was my choice of typeface as it is easy on the eyes for the public to read. I used the margins and grids as indicated in the lecture hall.

DheepthaMurali_GRA617_User Webpage


Heforshe is a website to spread awareness of gender inequality not only for women, but for men too. It’s a solidarity campaign started by the UN Women with Emma Watson, the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador as one of the key people.

Design Strategy:
Work on the color coordination and make it less intimidating and more inviting to more people around the world. Work on getting more of an empathetic feel in the website.

Single most important message to convey
To promote gender equality and bring in more men to take action.

Images /colors
The main colors used in this website are pink, black and white. Though a good color combination, it looks less inviting.

Why is the original webpage of poor design
The website does not have any poor design but there is still room for improvement. The page looks intimidating with a lot of pictures and facts on it.

Target Audience:
Men and boys open to gender equality with a desire to do something about it and spread the awareness.

Magazine Project

Yikun Meng




The article talks about the rice paddy art in Japan. There is a small city Aomori in Japan that grows rice every year in different color and makes variety of pictures. In the past 5 years, Aomori successfully made around 150 pictures on the rice paddy to attract tourists.


I picked up an article that introduced the amazing painting on the rice paddy by Minami Goto. Also I chose four pictures with background as green color, so I use the same color on the quotes and the sidebar.


The font used in the facing page is Gill sans but in different style. For the jump spread, the font is Georgia in body, and Baskerville in quote and sidebar. Using Georgia for the body is making the text easy to read. Using Baskerville in both quote and sidebar to make them consistent and highlight in the jump spread.



Also I choose two columns in the facing page and jump spread to make them clear and easy for reading. In the right page of the jump spread, the pictures list as one column and the text as another column, with a sidebar underneath the pictures, it consistent with the left page of the jump spread.


Overall, I use white as my headline color to make it stand out of the green, and make quote and sidebar green to highlight them in the jump spread. The whole spreads are trying to express the nature of farmland and the fun part of the rice paddy art.


Top and bottom: 3po

Inside: 2po

Outside: 4po


Size and leading:

First line: size 40.25pt leading 32.4pt

Second line: size 178.291pt leading 213.949ptx

Third line: size 40.25pt leading 48.3pt

Fourth line: size 20pt leading 24pt


size 20pt leading 32.4pt


size 10pt leading 13pt


Title: size 18pt leading 21.6pt

Text: size 12pt leading 14.4ptFinal Draft- Yikun Meng- Magazinetoppage-HQ 150 star-wars-art-japanese-highquality star-wars-art-japanese-highquality-100 paddyart3 hq150 2013-07-18-13-28-55 HQ 150


Robin William Article_v5 Robin William Article_v52

For my magazine spreads, I found an article from last year on Rollingstones that paid a tribute to Robin Williams after his sad news. This article spoke to me as it brought back a lot of memories from my childhood watching his movies including Aladdin. Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji etc.

Even though he was a comedian, he had a darker side; he struggled with depression. This was an inspiration for my cover spread. With half his face smiling and the other half sad and black and white, it explains a lot about his life. I didn’t add his name on the spread because everyone knows about Robin Williams and his tragedy. I came up with the title “The Other Side” to show the other side of his life, other than the funny man we know. The magazine spread was something I enjoyed working because of my passion in comedy and how he influenced us in so many ways. By adding pictures of his characters, I tried to connect with the readers of his influence. The pictures of him doing charity work were to show the humane side of him. For sidebar, I added tidbits of his life and funny facts about how his friends thought he was least likely to succeed and how he was voted the funniest man on earth. I added little bubbles of red to match with the red color dominating from his pictures.

The typeface I used was Avenir for the main body and Baskerville for the sidebar and title. Avenir was my choice of typeface as it is easy on the eyes for the public to read. I used the margins and grids as indicated in the lecture hall. For my magazine name, I came up with In Trend as I’m interested in pop culture and what is trending.