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McMullin, Jamel Ux/UI Design

Web page

McMullin, Jamel mobile project 4

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Design Strategy:
For this project I redesigned the web page for a nonprofit organization that helps people learn how to read and write. I chose to redo their website because it was very plain and boring.  I wanted to give the webpage a very clean and straight forward approach. I started it off with a welcoming image of the entrance of the Proliteracy building. I added a new navigation tool and social media icons. As you click on each navigation tool it transports you to that section of the page. In the about us section I added a video and sticky notes as navigation tools. For their crisis section I added statistics and navigational tools that give statistics on a variety of issues people face with literacy. For their solutions section I added an image of one of their employees helping people. I also included a navigation section for this as well. For their get involved section I added a picture of their organization receiving a check and the navigational tools represented checks as well. for their last page I put their contact information and a picture of their logo. I also included an a blue background to each section to keep their brand color consistent throughout the page.

For the mobile website I kept all of the images and text the same. I fitted them to be viewed on a mobile device. the only significant change that I made for the mobile device was that I had to stack information on top of each other. I moved the text for each section above or next to the main photo. I moved the navigational tools on the bottom and to the side for the sections as well.

Rose Li mobile design

mobile-final Rose LI August 14 psd(1)_0002_photo gallery mobile-final Rose LI August 14 psd(1)_0001_navigation menu mobile-final Rose LI August 14 psd(1)_0000_Home

For this web design and mobile design, I chose a prestigious, China-based NPO, Chinese Youth Development Funds (CYDF). It is dedicated to the rebuilding of the equality in China’s education. Though China ranks the world’s 2nd largest economy bodies, lots of people are still living under the poverty line. The gap between the rich and the poor is widen,and the social mobility is absent. Some children in rural areas have no access to elementary school education. Though CYDF is nationwide famous ,the official website is poorly designed. So that’s the reason I wanna redo it with the help from our professors and TA.



jones-catie-mobilewebsite jones_updated-desktop-website

The first file is my mobile website design, and the second is my  desktop file. I updated the colors in the  mobile design to make it more professional and to help the content flow from one topic to the next. The designs are for The Representation Project, a nonprofit that created and screens documentaries about the negative representations about women and men in media.


Stallknecht, Matt UI/UX Design

Stallknehct-Matt-Web Design Stallknecht-Matt-Mobile DesignCreative Brief

My objective with this design was to create a website for the Downtown Committee of Syracuse that appealed to young professionals in the 18-35 demographic. The committee has made it clear that it wants to brand Downtown Syracuse as a haven for young professionals in both a business sense and a pleasure sense. Despite this, their current website is unfocused and appears to be designed to appeal to all demographic groups. With this in mind, my re-design of the site wascreated with the goal of directly targeting young professionals both content-wise and design-wise.

To accomplish this, I made the overall PC design very image-heavy, and used a bunch of flashy images of downtown Syracuse lit up at night to inspire feelings of youthful exploration and nighttime partying in the viewer. I matched these images with content that sold downtown Syracuse as a good destination for young professionals to live in, work in, and “play” in, but I made sure to do so in a classy, understated manner that wasn’t outwardly exclusionary.

As for the mobile design, I purposely designed the PC version of the site first and optimized it so that it would be easily scalable to other screen sizes. Thus, my mobile design is simply a condensed version of the PC design that has carefully cropped images, reformatted text, and slight positional adjustments to make the site user-friendly on a mobile device.