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Tim Ferguson – Magazine Spread

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JordanSpeith2 JordanSpeith21

Design Strategy:

The inspiration for this magazine layout was based on an article printed in Sports Illustrated, which was written about Jordan Spieth’s second major victory of the year at the U.S. Open. In using that model, I created my own spread that would have contained an article regarding Spieth’s desire to earn the career grand slam, after finishing third at the Open (British) Championship. The main picture spread used a photo from an Under Armour photo add which displayed Spieth in a very focused pose with blue sky background. This showed him in the zone of focusing on his goals. The headline of “Major Mission” was used to reference his goals of winning major championships, and since both words begin with “M” it seemed like an obvious choice to make it a strong word mark header image. With the remaining portions of the article it was important to incorporate dominant and focused images of Spieth blended with text surrounding the photos. An article such as this would also include a graphic to further connect on Spieth in the pantheon of golf history, so that was added to the second page of the article. The final element created was the title of the magazine, On The Tee, was designed in reference to when they introduce golfers at a tournament when they begin their round.

Bennett-Begaye_Magazine Design

BennettBegaye_Magazine Design_FINAL BennettBegaye_Magazine Design_FINAL2

Design Strategy: I chose an article out of Native Peoples Magazine. The magazine is geared toward reporting on arts, culture, and current issues of indigenous peoples in North and South America. It’s a magazine with over 100,000 readers and is distributed across the country.

Native Peoples Magazine has a unique touch when it comes to design. It’s the epitome of combining the traditional and contemporary of Indian Country – which is very difficult to do. The magazine is all about presenting itself with soft colors but bold lines. It’s a magazine that plays safe with colors, lines, modernism, and tradition because it has readers from all ages. They don’t use the bold red color, which I stayed away from because it didn’t fit the identity of the magazine. It also likes to make great use of the white space.

If I could describe the magazine as a person, I would describe it was as an urban Native. It’s that Native American living in the city but holds his/her traditions. He/she loves the southwest.

Typefaces: I chose both a Sans Serifs and Serifs for this magazine. A sans serif for the title to make it modern and the words were short. The Serifs typeface was used for the reading portion since it’s easier on the eyes. The Avenir family fit my magazine best because it wasn’t dark like the other fonts I was trying to decide on. It fit the mood of the article.


Gutter: 0.01667

Top, Bottom, Right, Left: 0.5

Visuals: My mom took the photos of Frank Waln during my event in New Mexico on Friday July 31, 2015. I found these images to tell who Frank really is. The top photo with him holding the microphone gives the reader a hint to what he does – he’s a musician. I love how the photo had a solid black background because it gave me room to explore all the layout possibilities. I wanted to stay consistent with the photos and Frank’s wardrobe and found the next photo to bring out more of his personality. His body language shows he is grateful and shows how he gets lost in the moment and in his music. The blurry microphone holds that consistency. The Dream Warriors image contributes to his personality and what he is doing now. It refers back to his fight for a higher education for Native American youth across the country. I had permission from the photographer and illustrator to use all the photos and illustrations.

Extras: The sidebar adds to Frank’s story of a higher education. It is one of the many themes in the article and why he does what he does.

“Alias” Magazine by Mary Anderson

My magazine focuses on articles about adventure and travel, with a daring touch.This edition is focused on secretive stories that were submitted that shows the spy-related adventures. On the cover there are two silhouettes of a man and woman, adding a sense of mystery while alluding to travel with a faded background of an island. I layered the silhouettes over the tropical background and changed the opacity, so that there’s a little color over the silhouettes but not too much. I wanted it to be similar to the James Bond movie posters, since they often superimpose images onto bodies (i.e. Goldfinger).

For the magazine’s name, “Alias”, I decided to connect the travel aspect by having the logo resemble that of airlines. The letters are going up the line as if they’re about to board a flight.

The article is a dummy article, since it appeared in the print August 2015 edition of Vogue. It was written by Katherine Heiny who is a writer and dated a MI6 agent and had to keep his identity a secret.


 Magazine_Mary Anderson2 Magazine_Mary Anderson4-5 Magazine_Mary Anderson4-52

Project Magazine – Krishnan Kala

magazine v5


I had an amazing experience with the magazine project since it allowed me to explore my creative side and create an entire new magazine of my own. I could select my own topic, article, magazine name and target audience. The concept of getting content, visuals and colors together was challenging. I learned a lot about designing, colors, font and empty spaces.

It was a great experience and i had fun !

Flattery, Caitlin Magazine Project

For this project, I originally started with too many ideas and tried to put them all together, however I was able to narrow down my design into something simple that conveyed what I had in mind. My article was featured in Marie Claire, originally titled “Stiletto Stoners” by Yale Kohen (link at end of post). I used the Penumbra Sans and ITC Novarese Standard families for text, in sizes of 10 to 78. I used color to lead the eye from the title, to the by-line, to the main text. I used a tracking of 75-100 for my sidebar and in several other places for organization. I did not do much with the leading. My hopes is that this design represents the idea of the modern female corporate “stoner”.