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Poster Project


I represent the Carter’s Inc. as my client to sponsor a charity event for The

Children’s Aid Society. The event is a children’s fashion show and will hold in the

Lincoln Center in New York City, Sept.13, 2015.

I use a hanger as the main character in my poster, because the event is about fashion

show, and I want to use hanger to punctuate for the clothing. Also I use mainly white

and dark grey for the color because I want to punctuate about high fashion.

My target audience is high-income parents who can donate money as much as

possible. So the poster is targeted to be concise and clean. Also there is a red heart

inserted into the letter O in my headline. I use that little heart to show the kindness

of people, who intend to donate money to help children in need.

The fonts I use for headline is Phosphate since it looks clean and organized. Other

text I use Gill Sans and Bodoni to make sure they match with each other.

My poster is targeted towards migraine sufferers. The aim of the poster is to encourage

migraine sufferers to come to the convention to meet other people like them and to learn

more about migraines. Migraines can be very scary, confusing and often times isolating.

These lead me to the tag line “Arrive Out of the Darkness” and “Put the Pieces Together

About Migraines.” The former influenced the color scheme of the poster while the later ties

into the design of the puzzle pieces.

I decided to use puzzle pieces to symbolize the patients coming together. It also signifies

people finding answers to their questions and making eliminating their confusion. The

tagline is literally coming out of the darkness while the reference to the puzzle pieces sits on

top of the puzzle pieces themselves.

Purple is the color for migraine awareness. I chose to use shades of purple to show the

transition from dark to light. The typeface family I chose was Helvetica because of its

neutral emotion and look. The design of the poster was so complex I wanted a simple


Tazzia-Sam-Poster- Final


For this assignment I chose to create a poster for an event for United Way NYC, particularly for homelessness. I wanted to create a connection that homeless or not everyone in New York City should feel like they belong to the same community and thus encouraging New Yorkers to help the cause. I played with many ideas about how to show this message, but ultimately it came down to just one. I used the I Love NY logo and broke the heart to show a disunity and an image of a homeless man (photos from creative commons on flickr) to emphasis the issue and hopefully to evoke compassion.Friedlan_Nikki_Poster

Yonah Perline – Poster


This is an event for quilt teaching and learning at OCC for about two weeks. And so, for my poster, I wanted to make a virtual quilt that generally looked like the OCC campus from an aerial view. I chose the colors to seem nature-like, and the lake in the bottom left signifies exactly what the title of the event is, plus, I think it’s a smooth run-off as the only circular thing on the poster. I think the audience (women, age 40-100) will appreciate this poster because it feels sweet and homey, like their cookies. The title of the event is written in script and feels like it was written by the quilt-master herself. The rest of the words on the poster are event details, and they are straight forward and clear because who knows if these women’s eyesight is all that good anymore.

Poster- Rebecca Hansen

I chose futura because of all the options within the family. I included the company’s logo to break up the straight type/words on the bottom half of the page. It’s easy to read (in PDF format, the JPG below loses quality) and the colors correspond to pertinent information. I had to change the colors many times. For instance I started out with five different colored candies and changed to one solid pink color to emphasize the statistic. The candies are in a pattern to represent the life preservers and an overall percentage. I had two other drafts that looked minimalist-style but I chose the original idea to convey the problem my company is solving by hosting the event.

I broke up the contact info because it looked too blocky and too close together. It’s thinner too because it’s the last thing I want you to see.


Poster_Wen Xin


The reason why I chose people’s climate movement as my purposeful event is that I attended People’s Climate March last September at NYC and had talks with some artists in Bushwick, who prepared the posters and slogans for the big event. It was a great experience for me and that was officially my first time to get in touch with graphic design, even though at that time I did not have a clear thought what it is exactly.

I reviewed photos and pictures I took at the warehouse in Bushwick and got inspired by some. This year people’s climate movement planned to have a distributed day of action across the United States on October 14. Currently they invite different organizations to take part in planning this event.

My poster aims to attract more organizations’ attention and encouraged them to engage in planning that day’s event in their locations. My design philosophy, inspired by lectures and Pinterest pictures, is succinct and right to the point.

The reason why I chose the Statue of Liberty is that it is kind of funny and could catch your eyes to the point.

Jamel McMullin, Poster


Design Strategy:
For this project my main design was a black bow tie that represented my event. My event was a banquet and fundraising dinner that supported the Say Yes to Education foundation. All proceeds raised from the dinner go toward the education of future leaders. I chose to have a black tie as the main image on my poster because my event is a black tie affair. A various amount of images are placed within the bow tie as well. They were placed there to show what the event was for. I also included the Nike logo at the bottom to show who the event was sponsored by.

Stallknecht, Matt Project 2 Poster Design

Stallknecht, Matt Poster 1

In all honesty, I struggled greatly with this project. Since I am a PR student, my poster needed to match the media kit that I have been working on, and I simply could not wrap my head around a decent poster design that was simple enough to fit everything the event that I had planned out. That being said, midway through project, I hit on an idea that focused around the idea of “raising the white flag on breast cancer.” I liked this idea because it seemed relatively simple, incorporated both my cause (breast cancer) and my corporation (NASCAR), and seemed to get my point across (the idea of raising enough money to find a cure for breast cancer) well enough. The idea changed a bit as I continued to work, and I ended up tracing the frontstretch of Talladega Superspeedway and putting “RAISE THE WHITE FLAG” across the track in large letters to bring focus to the “mantra” of the poster.