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Mobile Website

For this project I decided to create a website to homage my hometown, Rome. I took my inspiration for a website called, which has a lot of information about the city even though the graphics are really poor. I wanted to create a website simple to navigate but at the same time it show the majesty of some of the beauties of Rome.

This project was easier to to realize because I already had background knowledge on how to use Photoshop. I believe that I created a high quality product that could be used as example for a real website. This time, I mostly worked by myself and I’m proud to have achieved such a confidence in something that a few weeks ago I didn’t even know
what it was.

Bennett-Begaye_Magazine Design

BennettBegaye_Magazine Design_FINAL BennettBegaye_Magazine Design_FINAL2

Design Strategy: I chose an article out of Native Peoples Magazine. The magazine is geared toward reporting on arts, culture, and current issues of indigenous peoples in North and South America. It’s a magazine with over 100,000 readers and is distributed across the country.

Native Peoples Magazine has a unique touch when it comes to design. It’s the epitome of combining the traditional and contemporary of Indian Country – which is very difficult to do. The magazine is all about presenting itself with soft colors but bold lines. It’s a magazine that plays safe with colors, lines, modernism, and tradition because it has readers from all ages. They don’t use the bold red color, which I stayed away from because it didn’t fit the identity of the magazine. It also likes to make great use of the white space.

If I could describe the magazine as a person, I would describe it was as an urban Native. It’s that Native American living in the city but holds his/her traditions. He/she loves the southwest.

Typefaces: I chose both a Sans Serifs and Serifs for this magazine. A sans serif for the title to make it modern and the words were short. The Serifs typeface was used for the reading portion since it’s easier on the eyes. The Avenir family fit my magazine best because it wasn’t dark like the other fonts I was trying to decide on. It fit the mood of the article.


Gutter: 0.01667

Top, Bottom, Right, Left: 0.5

Visuals: My mom took the photos of Frank Waln during my event in New Mexico on Friday July 31, 2015. I found these images to tell who Frank really is. The top photo with him holding the microphone gives the reader a hint to what he does – he’s a musician. I love how the photo had a solid black background because it gave me room to explore all the layout possibilities. I wanted to stay consistent with the photos and Frank’s wardrobe and found the next photo to bring out more of his personality. His body language shows he is grateful and shows how he gets lost in the moment and in his music. The blurry microphone holds that consistency. The Dream Warriors image contributes to his personality and what he is doing now. It refers back to his fight for a higher education for Native American youth across the country. I had permission from the photographer and illustrator to use all the photos and illustrations.

Extras: The sidebar adds to Frank’s story of a higher education. It is one of the many themes in the article and why he does what he does.

Bennett-Begaye_Website Design_Desktop

Bennett-Begaye_Website Desktop Design_FINAL

The design I chose had to be fun, inviting, innovative, and unique. I had to keep myself from going overboard with the colors – and this was difficult. Colors had to be toned down here and there without looking tacky or amateur. For this organization, there’s a lot of information so I wanted to present it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming for festival attendees as well as organized. Each section of the navigation bar is broken up by white lines to make it look clean and gives the information to the audience in blocks.

I enjoyed this project and it meant more because it’s my non-profit organization.


My website design for a desktop computer.

My website design for a desktop computer.

I designed a desktop website for The Representation Project, a nonprofit organization that brings attention to harmful and stereotypical media representations of women and men using two different documentaries: “Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In.” It is an organization and cause that I’ve always cared about, so I enjoyed getting to reinvent the website! You can find more information about the nonprofit here.

Shaw-Brown GRA 617 Webpage Project

I chose a non-profit called BUILD, Inc. It is a non-profit aimed at preventing at-risk youth from joining gangs as well as working with gang-involved youth to develop alternatives to this destructive lifestyle. From their webpage this isn’t exactly clear. The first page had a lot of blank space that had no meaning. Videos and pictures were awkwardly placed on the home page as well.


Shaw-Brown GRA 617 Webpage project



For the web design project, I chose a Greece-based organization, ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence, whose aims are rooted in social justice, and whose current website is quite lacking ( This allowed me to start from scratch.

To add some exciting design features, I used ancient Greek symbols on the side of each panel, which gives a sense of history to the site. It also connects Greece to its ancient roots. The contemporary elements of the site — text, images, shapes, icons — contrast the historical symbols, giving weight to the discrimination and inequality still occurring.