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While strolling through Green Lakes State Park, the SU campus and several other everyday environments, I was struck by the number of shapes and patterns resembling letters of the alphabet. Especially for typography found in organic environments, the fact that human inventions mimic nature, and not the other way around, became particularly evident to me. This project also led me to notice details in campus art and architecture that I had not paid attention to in my seven years studying and working at SU. The “B” above was captured from imagery in a mosaic mural, The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti by Ben Shahn, on the Huntington-Beard-Crouse building.

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This blog post is brought to you by the letter “S”, which is part of the label for a bottle of Kraken one of my roommates left behind.

This exercise was a bit tricky with the added challenge of not using existing signage to get examples of typography. But it forced me to be more observant of my surroundings, rather than just letting every-day mundane things fade into the background. It also helped me to think in more innovative ways by looking more closely at things to find a solution to the problem of finding typography in the world around me. I mostly photographed things in my apartment, but in my defense I’ve been in Syracuse for 5 years so I have done exploring in the past.

Found Typography Photos

Found Typography – Yijin Zhang

"Y" found by Wendy (Yijin)


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It was a quite challenging but interesting assignment, and I could take more creative pictures if take my time. Letter “Y” that I found in flip-flop is my favorite. It is clear and cute. I also like “v” in my v-neckline sweater, and “M” made by shoes. I felt like I can found 26 letters in different clothes if I want.

I took pictures in many different places: classroom in Newhouse, cross in front of the bird library and Destiny Mall. Thanks to this task, I got more familiar with our community. Moreover, I learned appreciating beautiful details all over the world.

Scholl_Found Typography



The image included is an “A” found in the Chipotle on campus.  I found this exercise to be challenging, although it did get a bit easier towards the end of the alphabet.  It certainly helped me to view objects, street signs and architectural designs in a different light – which I hope will be just the beginning of a way for me to see things differently and hopefully more artistically.  Even after I was completed with the exercise, I started to see everything differently – trying to make designs into letters to see if it would be possible.  I’m excited to see what other exercises can help change my view on everyday objects and scenery. To view the rest of my album, click here!


In completing this assignment, I learned that the English alphabet is a reflection of what we are accustomed to seeing in our daily lives. I was reminded of the fact that the English alphabet consists of characters that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but simple and common. I believe that in utilizing simple and common expressions to create the English alphabet, the idea was to reflect the shapes and objects that we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives. Thus, in doing so, I believe this simplifies communication among people by means of linguistics.








Smith_Found Typography

Letter T

I learned that typography is used vastly throughout architecture. Before this assignment, I never really paid attention to the use of typography. This exercise has opened my eyes to the different types of typography found within buildings, objects and writing. I took my picture while walking down Crouse Street. I noticed this wooden structure that resembled the letter T. Many of my other images are also found within architecture around the Syracuse area. After this exercise, I am more aware of the various uses of typography that are all around us.

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Lim_Found Typography


This is the letter “I” I found while walking through my neighborhood; however, depending on perspective, it could be seen as an “H” as well. After completing this project and the expressive type exercise, I found that perspective is incredibly important to conveying a certain message to an audience. We all view things differently and depending on how you frame an image or concept, it makes it easier to communicate and bridge ideas.

Most of the images I found were taken my apartment, my neighborhood, and the Newhouse Clambake.

Found Typography Flickr




This was the second “H” I found during the Typography Hunt and it stood out to me more than my other letters because of the curve. My other letters are very geometric. Usually I’m fairly good at spotting out letters but this exercise put me at a hyper-aware level to where it was difficult for me to find all the letters. I had to tell myself to relax and to just keep an eye out. From there, the exercise got easier. It also helped me understand my younger sister’s point-of-view, who is a graphic designer, and the work that goes into her job. Much of our environment is full of typography and art. It’s a just a matter of us making something out of it. You can view the rest of my Typography Hunt here.

Found Typography – Anna Dussing


I found this assignment, while challenging at times, interesting and eyeopening. I’m one of those people who take images at face value, so it was helpful to open my mind and look at objects in another way. Once I adjusted to this way of thinking I was able to see there are many letters hidden downtown, on campus, and even at home. While some of the other pictures I took were more complex, I decided to post a simple doorknob to represent the letter “O” showing that letter images can be in everyday simple places.

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