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Bennett-Begaye_Mobile Design

Bennett-Begaye_Mobile Design_FINAL

Design Strategy: Mobile

I chose again my non-profit organization, Survival of the First Voices Festival. It’s an art and media organization for Native American and First Nations youth. The information is already overwhelming as well as the colors that make up the face of the festival so with that in mind, I wanted to make it as simply as possible. I cut down the number of photos in the slide show and the sponsors shown – three to one. I gave the navigation bar and the dates of the festival an icon button. Everything on the page is boxy so I decided to make the buttons rounded to add something fresh – and it stands out. I did take the calendar image from online and manipulated it so it fits into the website theme.

The background runs outside the grids because I wanted to consider the landscape orientation of the phone. Most of the content I kept – except for the “About” section. There was already too much text for a mobile version so I added a “Read More” button that the readers can touch and it can expand. The images I had from my own files, such as the background and the sponsor logos.