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Expressive Type_Dheeptha Murali

DheepthaMurali_GRA617_Expressivetypeexercise copy

The word I selected for this assignment is Flexible because sometimes I feel we live in a concrete minded world where things have to happen a certain way. With a little flexibility (as I did with the X in the word) in our mind or heart or attitude can make a huge difference and make life more interesting.

I know it sounds cheesy but I had to think of something to say and this is what I came up with. 🙂

Nikkole Mojica Expressive Typography




1. Bound: I chose to bind each of the letters in order to depict the meaning of the word and placed them at different levels to mirror the sounds made during pronunciation.

2. Kiss: I used a font with serifs so that the s’s would have a place to meet.

3. Wharf: (n) A pier where ships or boats are tied up and loaded or unloaded. (thefreedictionary) Some of the letters are intended to resemble ships docking into the others.

Expressive Typography – Rafael


Grab – I chose this font to make sure the “G” actually looked like it was grabbing the rest of the word. I think the serif and the pointy part at the top get the work done.


Smoke – For the “S” I looked for a type that looked like the smoke coming out of a cigarette. For the rest of the word I wanted blocky and bold-looking letters to actually make it look like the cigarette.


Obese – I looked for a really think “O” with the smallest amount of space in the center possible to fit the rest of the word.