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“Alias” Magazine by Mary Anderson

My magazine focuses on articles about adventure and travel, with a daring touch.This edition is focused on secretive stories that were submitted that shows the spy-related adventures. On the cover there are two silhouettes of a man and woman, adding a sense of mystery while alluding to travel with a faded background of an island. I layered the silhouettes over the tropical background and changed the opacity, so that there’s a little color over the silhouettes but not too much. I wanted it to be similar to the James Bond movie posters, since they often superimpose images onto bodies (i.e. Goldfinger).

For the magazine’s name, “Alias”, I decided to connect the travel aspect by having the logo resemble that of airlines. The letters are going up the line as if they’re about to board a flight.

The article is a dummy article, since it appeared in the print August 2015 edition of Vogue. It was written by Katherine Heiny who is a writer and dated a MI6 agent and had to keep his identity a secret.


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