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“Alias” Magazine by Mary Anderson

My magazine focuses on articles about adventure and travel, with a daring touch.This edition is focused on secretive stories that were submitted that shows the spy-related adventures. On the cover there are two silhouettes of a man and woman, adding a sense of mystery while alluding to travel with a faded background of an island. I layered the silhouettes over the tropical background and changed the opacity, so that there’s a little color over the silhouettes but not too much. I wanted it to be similar to the James Bond movie posters, since they often superimpose images onto bodies (i.e. Goldfinger).

For the magazine’s name, “Alias”, I decided to connect the travel aspect by having the logo resemble that of airlines. The letters are going up the line as if they’re about to board a flight.

The article is a dummy article, since it appeared in the print August 2015 edition of Vogue. It was written by Katherine Heiny who is a writer and dated a MI6 agent and had to keep his identity a secret.


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Hiroshima Procession Poster by Mellanie Perez

Hiroshima Procession Poster JPG

I decided to make a poster for the upcoming commemoration procession for the 70th anniversary of the bombing in Hiroshima during World War II. During the procession people will be marching to express their grief and their hope for a nuclear-free world.

I decided to make my poster about a tree casting the shadow of the mushroom cloud of the bomb a s symbol that says “through wreckage there’s life”. In the hopes of remembering the Hiroshima bombing, but still moving forward, I wanted the tree to represent life and the shadow to represent the past.

The colors were chosen according to colors that bring peace and others that bring more turmoil. The shadow portion of the poster is a deep red with purple, and the top part is a light blue color to evoke peacefulness.