Project Guidelines

Naming Convention

A semantic naming convention not only helps in the grading process but it helps you and others make sense of your files. You are required to follow the following naming convention on all projects folders and files.


  • harper-ken-resume.pdf
  • harper-ken-web.psd

Project Turn-in Requirements

  • Server
  • Blog (Resume excluded)
  • Envelope

The Server

The server turn-in will constitute the bulk of your grade but the blog turn-in will be a great resource for your classmates and future students.

Resume Project Folder Example
Always include a folder with your name on it last-first-project.
Submit .PDF of files when possible.

  • Final InDesign Packaged folder
  • Marked up resume (unless turning in with envelope)
  • PDF of final resume
  • Self Evaluation
  • Sketches/Drafts


How to Connect to the Newhouse Server [you must be on a Newhouse computer]

  1. Go to the “desktop”
  2. Go to the “control bar” select ‘Go’ and then select ‘Connect to Server’
  3. In the text field labeled “Server Address:” type in: nhStorm
  4. Click on ‘Connect’ in the lower right hand corner of the window
  5. A new window will prompt you for a user name and password
  6. Your class user name and password will be emailed to you later

The Blog

Create a post for each final project and include the following items. Be sure to select the “Student Work” category in the blog post on the right-hand side of the page before you hit save. * Also be sure to add a tag of “poster, web or magazine”

Blog Requirements

  • .jpg image of your final (960 x whatever, 8 quality)
  • Rationale
  • Link to PDF download
  • Select “Resume Student Work” category in the post before saving
  • In the category box select the project category and your class section number underneath before saving

Self Evaluation

With each project please include a self evaluation in your server turn-in.

  1. Did you seek advise from me before you turned it in?
  2. Did you categorize blog project turn-in?
  3. Did you use proper naming conventions in your files?
  4. Is the design of a high quality?
  5. Did you go beyond the basic project requirements, if so how?
  6. What grade do you think you deserve and why?


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